We would like to provide all of our clients with good, usually reliable websites to help them when researching all sorts of different aspects of pet health. So linked below are a few of our favorites. Please let us know if there are others that you would like to see listed here.

Pet Health Network

This is a very good overall pet health website with information on different pet species.

Veterinary Partners

This is another trusted resource for clients with very good medical, as well as some behavior and training information. This site is maintained with help from the Veterinary Information Network

Pet Poison Control Hotline

Great information on toxic substances to dogs and cats. A great resource if you are ever unsure if something is toxic or if you are wondering how something is toxic and what signs it can cause.

Home Again Microchips

This website will provide you with all of the specifics about the Home Again microchip which is the type we use. It will also provide information on registration and how to change your registered data.

Universal Microchip Lookup

This is a website designed by the American Animal Hospital Association to assist with looking all brands of microchips to help reunite owners with their animals.

American Kennel Club

This is a good website for anyone considering getting a puppy, thinking about specific breeds or even mixed breed dogs. There is a lot of good general information on canine friend as well as purebred dogs.

Cat Fanciers Association

This is a good website for anyone interested in specific cat breeds or anything about cats in general.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

This is a pet insurance website. We encourage anyone considering buying pet insurance to do their research. There are many different companies with varying policies, price points and coverages. This is one company that we have had positive interactions with as well as positive client feedback.

Rainbow Bridge

This is a website designed to help in some small measure when someone has had to deal with the passing of a beloved pet and friend. It is a sort of online support group to help you realize that others feel similarly to you in your time of grief.

Tips for Domestic Travel with your Pets

This is a good website to help you with making plans for traveling with your pets. It features tips on air travel, pet friendly hotels, and pet friendly attractions.