We are a fully equipped facility offering wellness exams and vaccinations, surgeries including orthopedics, spay and neutering, mass removals and emergency procedures. We have digital radiography, in house ultrasonography, a full surgical suite, as well as full hospital ward. We have a selection of flea and tick products, heartworm medications, a stocked pharmacy, and prescription diets. All products are sold to our clients at competitive prices with a full guarantee. We work hard to make sure that our products are being sold at competitive prices and that we are able to offer all maufacturers special discounts and rebates.

Wellness Programs

We provide comprehensive wellness programs for puppies and kittens. These visits include fecal testing and treatment of any identified intestinal parasites, counseling on diet, appropriate behavior, or any other pediatric issues of concern to new pet owners, as well as all required early vaccinations. We also provide comprehensive geriatric wellness exams including baseline bloodwork and laboratory testing as well as extensive counseling on issues encountered later in life with our pets. We are always happy to discuss wellness issues such as dentisty, nutrition, vaccination, behavior and any other concerns that any pet owner would like to address. It is always important to us that all clients feel comfortable discussing any and all issues during their visits. We feel that most importantly we are here to help you maintain the highest level of health and happiness for your entire families.


Companion animal dentistry is an often overlooked but extremely important part of overall wellness. We offer full prophylactic dental procedures as well as trouble oriented dental procedures including extractions. Every year at annual exams we address where an individual is with their dental health. We also offer products to help maintain dental health in your pets for a lifetime.


We perform routine scheduled surgeries as well as an extensive list of more challenging surgical procedures. We understand that whenever a pet requires surgery it can be very stressful to everyone. We work very hard to minimize the stress by using the safest, individually tailored anesthetic protocols as well as comprehensive pain management programs. We encourage people to discuss their concerns with us prior to scheduling procedures.We also will invite specialized surgeons to come into our surgery suite to provide the best level of care possible for our patients who require more specialized surgery.


We have a full radiology suite with the ability to quickly process any radiology diagnositics. We also consult with boarded radiologists on most of our studies to assist with providing our patients the highest level of care.


We have an in-house ultrasound machine which allows us rapid access to ultrasound studies. We are proud to be able to offer more comprehensive imaging in our own facility.

House call appointments

We offer house call appointments to clients within our local area. We will gladly provide problem oriented examinations as well as end of life services to pets in the comfort of their own home upon request .


We provide both hospital and house call acupuncture appointments. Full western medicine diagnositic workups are required for all acupuncture patients prior to beginning acupuncture treatments. Full eastern medicine consultations are also performed with the first acupuncture treatments.

Laser Therapy

laser patientLaser Therapy Reduces Pain and Speeds Healing
PatterPaws Animal Hospital is excited to offer our clients Companion Laser Therapy. Laser therapy provides a non-invasive, pain-free, surgery-free, drug-free treatment which is used to treat a variety of conditions and can be performed in conjunction with existing treatment protocols.

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Pet Health ID Cards

Now through our friends at VetScene, we're offering Pet Health ID Cards with your annual vaccinations.